Node of Space and Human Perception

„Vishapakar“ is the Armenian word for „dragon stone“. Those stones can be found in the Armenian highlands near water rich meadows and sources. According to researchers: they have been the divine idols nourish cultivation and irrigation.

In our case, we are more focused on the cultural and spiritual aspects of these artifacts.

„Vishapakar“ is  the base of an association ,so called ‘‘WishapaqarNode of Space and Human Perception‘‘, which was found by art concerned people in Armenia with the aim to discover and form spaces within creative potential.

Inherited cultural heritage has its fundamental role for these activities.

On this way cultural and historical meaning of these spaces and land become highlighted. And this is  that Light, which brings New Life, Care and  The True Sense of Cultural Heritage. Read more…


Karen Asatrian

A further node is Karen Asatrian. He is also Armenian, but lives already many years in Austria. He is composer, plays Jazz-piano and is head of his group „Armenian Spirit“. Hrachya Vardanyan has already collaborated with him in the past and he will also do so in the future for planing common projects with music and visual art.

Prayer Wheel by Karen Asatrian