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Hrachya Vardanyan is an artist.

He is a painter.

How to spell his name: ‚Hrutchia Vurdúnyun‘.

Vardanyan comes from Armenia.

Armenia is a small country.

It is situated on the border of Asia and Europe, north from Iran.


In the high mountains of Armenia one can find many standing-stones.

About 3000 years ago humans installed them next to the high rivers or lakes.

“Dragon” was a sign for the flowing water.

That’s why they are called Dragon-stones.


People in Armenia value big carpets.

Knitting carpets is fine craft.

People in Armenia do it for long times already

and are masters of knitting.


Characteristics of Vardanyan’s painting come from his land.

These include dragon-stones and carpets.

Many of his paintings resemble carpets and stones.

And his paintings remain unframed.

Their edges look like a carpet.

It is difficult to describe the paintings.

Want to see some of them? Click here.


Vardanyan staged several exhibitions.

Most of them in Armenia.

He presented his paintings also in Austria(the most) and some other countries.

Friends in Austria assist him.

His paintings are for sale.